6 Considerations in Choosing the Right Turf for Your Home

One of the best ways to create kerb appeal for your property is by having a beautiful ground cover for your outdoor space. However, choosing the right lawn for your home isn’t as easy as it often seems; there are several variables to consider in ensuring turf will grow healthily so it’s an asset to your property.

So what should you take into consideration?

#1 Your property’s location

Certain species of grass are more compatible with certain locations. Say, your home is in Queensland or NSW and you enjoy a lot of sunshine majority of the year, the logical choices for grass are those known to grow well in warm climates such as the different variants of Buffalo, Kikuyu, Tall Fescue, and Queensland Blue Coach. Your location also indicates what types of soil are present in your yard; knowing this bit will further help you narrow down your choices so you can make the smartest final decision.

#2 Your budget

You need to establish your budget for your lawn right away if you wish to have new turf installed. If you’re working with a very conservative budget, Kikuyu is a smart option because not only is it among the most economical options on the market, it also doesn’t require extra meticulous care. You will, however, need to mow your lawn every week (especially in the summer) because Kikuyu grows really fast and can be invasive. Another grass variety to consider is Zoysia, especially if you’re from a warm region – it’s affordable and very low maintenance so it’s not going to cost you much in terms of lawn care (particularly if you hire professional lawn mowing services).

#3 The level of maintenance you can commit to

There are grass varieties that not only thrive on their own but are also non-invasive, like Zoysia grass. If you don’t have a lot of time or energy for lawn maintenance, consult a garden expert about other grass varieties that can grow healthy even with minimal care and monitoring.

#4 The amount of sunlight your lawn normally gets

Sunshine is crucial to grass’s proper growth and you need to determine if your outdoor space gets enough of it. If there’s a big piece of architecture or dense trees blocking sunlight, better find the grass varieties that are shade-tolerant like Griffin Weeping grass.  If you don’t choose shade-tolerant grass, you’re just going to waste money.

#5 The look you want

Of course, you want to pick grass that will be a visual delight to you. Settle for the varieties that already met your other requirements and take your final pick based on the appearance, colour and texture that pleases you.

#6 The activities you have in mind for your lawn

Homeowners use their outdoor space differently. Do you want to turn it into a little dog run for your pups? You will need grass that withstands foot traffic and repairs itself well such as Soft-leaved Buffalo or Kikuyu (it’s actually what’s used for dog race tracks). Do you wish for your lawn to be an alternative entertaining area for guests? Do you want it to be your children’s playground? There are grass species that are more suitable than others if you have function in mind. You can find out what they are with the help of lawn care professionals.




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