Enhance Your Property by Creating a Pet Haven


Going outside for a walk or to exercise is the highlight in any dog’s day. While they’re perfectly happy to lounge around the living room with you or make the rounds of the entire house, dogs also have a biological need to run around, chase each other, go crazy with toys, and just burn off their boundless energy through play.

Taking your pet pooch out to the park or around the neighbourhood for a daily walk is perfectly fine, but if you have space in your property, there’s no reason why you can’t give your pet—and yourself—a private space designed precisely for your enjoyment.

Here are 10 garden ideas that can help you create a personal paradise for yourself and your beloved dogs.

  1.  Create a path where the dogs can safely patrol. Dogs will naturally want to walk and sniff around, but they don’t have to zigzag all over the place. Construct paths that they can follow.
  2.  Lay down ground covers that are safe and comfortable for their paws. Artificial grass, gravel and cedar chips are examples of ground covers that dogs will love to walk over—and their paws will be a lot cleaner, too.
  3.  If your dogs love water, install a pool or fountain where they can wade and play. Also, make sure they have access to clean drinking water at different areas of the garden; drinking sufficient amounts of water helps dilute their urine, which means there’ll be fewer brown spots in the garden.pet friendly
  4.  Allow some open, grassy space for playing fetch, running around, and training with their owners. A stretch of grass is great for teaching dogs new tricks or commands, or just some rolling around and all kinds of antics.
  5.  Set up a spot where dogs are allowed to dig to their heart’s content, like a big patch of sand. Face it—dogs will want to dig. Encourage the dogs to dig in this particular spot to their heart’s content, and they won’t go uprooting plants and exposing mounds of earth where they shouldn’t.
  6.  Provide a shady spot where they can rest and cool down after rigorous activity. Dogs can overheat from too much exercise, so this spot will be perfect in ensuring that their playtime is safe.
  7.  If you have flowers or vegetables that need protecting, plant them in containers or raised beds, and surround them with plants that can turn dogs away. Prickly plants, or ones that give off odours that dogs don’t like, can keep them away from areas that are off-limits.
  8.  Install a sturdy fence all around the garden to keep the dogs from ending up out on the streets or in the neighbour’s yard. While letting your dogs go off leash is the point of the garden, you need to keep them securely inside your property for their safety.
  9.  Leave little pockets of space or windows on the fence where your dogs can peek and rub noses with the neighbour’s dogs (if they get along). This can help with the dogs’ socialization—and they won’t go destroying fences and making openings of their own just to say hi to the dogs next door.dog pool
  10. Make sure that there are no toxic plants anywhere in the garden. Dogs will eat anything that catches their attention in a second, so be sure to keep potentially harmful vegetation out of your garden at all times.

A carefully designed garden for you, and your dogs’ enjoyment requires regular maintenance, but you won’t have to take it all on by yourself—not when there are reliable local landscaping and lawn care specialists who can keep the pooch paradise clean, healthy, and looking sharp at all times.

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